Brand New Bum Genius and Tots Bots Nappies

Nappy rashes are common skin problem in babies and children. It affects the skin area which is covered by a baby’s nappy.

There might be much number of reasons for this problem which includes wet and dirty nappies, friction of nappy with the skin, soaps and detergents used to wash the nappies and the perfume used in wet wipes. Any one of these or the combination of these reasons can be the cause of rashes in baby’s skin.

After many researches and studies it is proved that the best method to prevent these rashes is to keep the baby’s skin more and more clean and dry. Good quality nappies like bum genius nappies and tots bots are very helpful to avoid these rashes from your baby’s skin.

From the time of your child’s birth to its well grown up age your baby spends something like 25,000 hours in nappies and these hours to keep it clean and dry it needs about 6,000 nappies to be changed. In this situation it is very important to take the right decision to use either general nappy or the disposable ones.

This decision is very important to make because this will have a big impact on your babies health and on your wallet too. Bum genius nappies are designed in such a way that makes the cloth diapering easy and affordable to use every day.

Bum genius believes that the cloth nappies must be low cost and easy to use. Bum genius nappies and tots bots nappies come in different shapes and sizes as per the requirement of your infant. Bug genius bamboo fitted diapers and the all in one diaper are designed especially for the people who love to be in great fit. Its fine absorbency and natural fibers give a high level of comfort to your child.

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