Designing a Good Web Page

Today everybody has a website. Shoppers usually look on the web first before they start
shopping. Businesses should know that a lot of sales are lost when a shopper tries to look at a website for a company and finds nothing. It is hard to take a business seriously that does not have a website. Designing a web page is not at all a difficult task. Web design has been made very easy. You can learn more about this by going through web
design UK.

First, a detailed plan is made before you build anything, and the plan should be written down so that you can follow it. Most people come to your Website design for one of two reasons:
They want information or they want to buy something. If they are looking for information, it should be clear, easy to understand, believable, authoritative and easy to find.

If they want to buy something, they will probably want one of three things: phone number, hours of operation or availability of product. If they can buy online, it should be simple and easy. The phone number and hours should be prominently displayed on the first page.

The first page is designed. It is also called the splash or front page. This is the first impression the visitor will have of you. The splash page should be interesting but not too busy or complicated. Anything that hops, zips or moves in any way should be avoided.
This is because these things take a long time to load. You usually have about five seconds to capture the interest of the viewer. Let him/her spend the time looking at what you have to say, not waiting for a page to load or watching something zip around.

A maintenance regime is set up. Pages should be checked regularly to make sure all data is relevant and all links alive.

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