Getting A New Website Noticed – A Guide

Building a new website in itself is a very daunting experience. Most companies or individuals are unaware of the amount of work involved and the many different elements there are to it. It can take time and a lot of patience, but when you finally get the finished result you soon realise that all of your hard work has been worth it.

The process does not stop there however, and there is no point having a fantastic new website sitting there if nobody is going to see it, so getting your new website noticed is the next thing on the agenda. This is where we at can be a valuable asset to your business.

One of the hardest things for new websites is that a lot of search engines, Google in particular, make it seemingly hard for new websites to succeed. Within the first few months of a website’s life, Google places your site in what they call the ‘Google sandbox’; which means that it does not pick up on your web pages, despite you having developed a fool proof search engine optimisation strategy.

The main problem that Google has is trust – it is nothing personal, but as the leading search engine it is immensely important that they do not just let anyone onto their top pages, primarily due to the risk of spam sites. However, there are a few things you can do to gain trust and move the process along quicker. There will be a few slow months at the beginning but if you use this time wisely then you can easily succeed.

The first links you make are the most crucial and if you can get some link building from other trusted websites or sources then this will give you a good advantage. If you have other websites within your company that are already established then this is a fantastic place to start, as the site is not only trusted but extremely relevant too. If you do not have access to another trusted site then there is the option to go down the directory submission service.

Blogging and Social Media Marketing is also a good thing to do for Reputation Management, and guest blogging on other websites can also be very effective. News pages and up to date, relevant information can work wonders. The other advantage to blogging is that it helps to generate backlinks from other sites. Writing some fantastic content which is interesting and exciting can encourage other sites to post links to your site from theirs, which helps increase trust dramatically.

It is also worth remembering that whilst Google is number one, there are a lot of other search engines out there. Whilst you can build your site up to get it established, there will still be some restrictions from Google so focusing all your attention on getting a high page ranking here is going to be a waste. Spend the first few months devising search engine optimisation plans that will get your site ranked high within other search engines. This means that once Google begins to look at you, your site will already be trusted by other search engines, which will be an added bonus for Google.

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