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Are you are looking for the software that can manage your debt account? Are you looking for the company that can provide you the compliance software and the services?

Uni-source has come up with the software that can help you manage, control and automate the debts. The software is developed in Microsoft.NET and is integrated to Microsoft desktop tools. The debt collection software provides you with lots of features. It can be interfaced with any type of the comprehensive banking system, be it the old version or the latest version, as the solution for the enterprise for the loans issued to different customer, overdraft, checking accounts  and any other past debts of the customer. Tracking the debt accounts and ensuring the service compliance has been the major point of concern for the financial institutes like banks and credit unions, collection agencies and health care receivable management. The software automates the loan servicing work flow and documents all the due date events appropriately and automatically. You can get more information on the debt collection software by clicking on the link provided in the website. Now you can grow your business with the consumer driven and dominant collection tools in the debt collection software.

Additional Features available in the software

The software is designed to be used as multipurpose software. It can be used by debt collection agencies, debt management, credit management and financial institutions like banks. In this software you can easily import, export and track cases for the unlimited number of users. You get a call back reminder alerts collector whenever the call back of any of the customer is due. Time zone alerts and built in skip tracing are some of the other features available with the software. You can create the duplicate account system using the software.

You can trust the debt collection software provided by the company as it has all the accounting and reporting features expected from debt collection software by the collection agencies. The company offers you with a client portal, wherein you can view all the details of the software- the platform on which it can work, the type of it can associate with it, the type of the server associated with it, you get an introduction video of the software where you get full feature of the software and can learn on how to handle and use the software the web inquiry where you can contact the executive for any of your queries related to the software and post purchase services associated with it. These all facilities provide an unparallel opportunity for marketing and deliver the superior customer service channels. The company provides its customer a web based presentation to shoe hoe their product can help you. The company provides a unique opportunity to share the knowledge in the social networking so that you can help someone to reduce the manual load and work with the new environment of the automated software. You can share the knowledge in the site such as facebook, google plus, twitter and youtube.

You can learn more about the support service provided by the company, get the daily news and information regarding the development of new updates in the software, get the resources useful for the effective management and control of the accounts and get information on more products and services provided by the company. You can register yourself for the news and updated and offers available for the software. You can then login and check the information available in your account. You can contact for any queries without any hesitation.

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