New Tata Tiago Features In 2018

With so many cars available on the market today, it gets quite overwhelming when you go to purchase an automobile. Everyone gets confused as to which car to buy. But to break it down, they look for the specifications and features of the car and select what works the best for their needs and budget. One such car that fits everyone needs and budget perfectly is Tata Tiago. It is a car that is a hatchback and is mid-sized, from the Tata Motors house. They have ultimately established a benchmark for themselves in the entry-level hatchback segment with the introduction of tata tiago. From the time of its introduction, over 50,000 cars have been sold. The new tata tiago cars have the following features:

  1. Impressive design: The next-generation technologies and the precise design makes this car stand out from the troop.
  2. Distinguished grille: Radiating a swift plus assertive posture, the modern, emblem of Tata in addition to the distinguished grill that is hexagonal are quite an attraction. They leave an impact effortlessly, that is long enduring.
  3. 3-dimensional Headlamps: the headlights in Tiago are 3 dimensional. The sportiness is even more accentuated by the taillights that look really good.
  4. Appealing insides: The insides of Tata Tiago are appealing, accompanied by a layered design, along with two-color interior, air vents that are custom-built and fabrics with superior illustrations.
  5. Clingy Seat Bolsters: the clingy seat bolster is shaped using extreme accuracy for the luxurious feel and demonstrates much classiness.
  6. Finest qualities and appearance: the geometrical quality is enhanced by attractive handles and the finest woven material improve to the excellent feel and appearance.

This car is fully packed with all new innovative technologies that are enough for a safe and sound driving experience, these are as follows:

  1. Connect Next Infotainment by Harman delivers entertainment as well as technology. It helps you to stay entertained and connected at the same time.
  2. Experience the effect of the surround sound with a total of 8 speakers that ensure that the passengers in the Tiago are well entertained.
  3. The navigation app makes sure that you travel to your destination without any difficulty, directed by the Turn-by-Turn navigation app that is based on the smartphone. It is accessible for the users of Android. It also shows the distance that needs to be covered, along with the estimated time of arrival.
  • Double airbags at the front ensure driver’s safety and also the co-driver’s safety.
  • Body structure that absorbs energy and due to the body structure of this car it soaks up powerful energy and delivers greater protection.
  • Rear parking sensors make parking extremely easy in small places. The display that is on the infotainment system provides the visual image that shows the closeness of the car to an object.

These features make tata tiago an extremely technologically innovative and completely safe car. Apart from that, it fits all kinds of budget and is user-friendly.

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