Online Aptitude Test: To Boost Employees’ Career

Although there are various types of online testing tools used for evaluating the performance of the employees in an organization or to hire a new candidate, it is aptitude exam that is the most commonly availed. The purpose of the aptitude test is to determine the skill level of the individual to find if he/she is perfect enough to be appointed to perform a specific given job. Career aptitude exams tend to include those exams which help calculate individual abilities against a specific career.

Know the different test types

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: There is present common categorization of 16 personality types, where through the test, the individual is fitted into any one type. The career test report helps the employers to identify to which type of job profile will the candidate’s personality will fit in. the exam has in total 93 questions which needs to be completed in 20 minutes span.
  • Keirsey Temperament Sorter II: This model recognizes four temperament groups, specifically artisan, idealist, rational and Guardian. Based upon the test results, the candidate will be sorted into any of the mentioned group including into one of the 16 character group. A career is recommended, which depends upon the person’s personality group.
  • Strong Interest Inventory: Such tests are conducted to identify individual interests. Although the candidate could be accomplished in a specific job type, survival of this career will entirely depend upon his interest. The exam has been created on this basis and does help employers to help the candidates to select a career or post which best suite his/her tastes and interests, so as to flourish well within a short span of time.
  • Campbell Interest & Skill Survey: The test focuses upon approximately 60 occupations which require candidates to have completed their secondary education. The test results are then weighed against with those already successful in a specific career. A career/post is recommended to the candidate, for which his/her personality matches perfectly.
  • Dewey Colour System: It is an online colour based exam asking the candidate to hit on a specific colour that he/she will recognize with or like. Also, the least desired colour is to be selected. Based upon individual dislikes and likes of the specific colour, the person’s individuality traits are identified, while a suitable career is matched to the traits.
  • Extroversion exam: This is an unreservedness test that shows how fine individual social skills are. There are some jobs that do require very high level of proper and result oriented group interaction to get the work done. This test does determine the person is an extrovert or not.
  • Princeton Career Quiz: This quiz aims towards helping the candidate to seek a career that is just perfect for his/her individual growth and success.
  • Job Discovery Wizard: This online tool does go with individual interests and skills with the available positions in the organization.

These are few of the Aptitude Test types that are found to help organizations to select the best candidates for the job.

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