The Best Boilers Of 2022

Every year, we get vastly different answers to the question of which boiler is best because technology evolves at lightning speed. Because modern condensing boilers can look so similar, every detail matters. This is where internal components and their quality shine. Let’s go over the different types of boilers before we get into the best boiler brands in the UK, the quality of internal parts, and which boiler is best in 2022.

The Different Types Of Boilers

Boilers are classified into three types: combi, heat only, and system. Heat-only boilers (also known as conventional or regular boilers) use a cylinder in the airing cupboard. System boilers are commonly found in modern homes with an ‘unvented’ hot water cylinder. Still, they can also operate with a vented cylinder.

  • Combi – A combi boiler is a single unit that provides all of the home’s heating and hot water. There are no water heaters.
  • Conventional – A heat-only boiler only generates heat. It works with a hot water cylinder.
  • System – A system boiler has the same components as a combi boiler but does not produce hot water. It is most commonly used with a steel hot water cylinder, but it can also be used with vented cylinders.

Different Boiler Options

Worcester Bosch 4000

The Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler range is one of the most recent boilers from one of the UK’s leading manufacturers. The Worcester 4000 combi boiler, which replaces the legendary Greenstar I range, picked up where it left off and added some extra features on top, as you would expect. When I had my boiler installation in Essex I asked the boiler engineer which boiler is the most commonly installed. He believed the Worcester Bosch 4000 boiler was a safe bet.

Viessman Vitodens 111-W

Viessman began in 1917 as a family locksmithing business, but times have changed. Today, the brand is synonymous with high-quality, German-engineered boilers, and their popularity and acclaim in the United Kingdom have soared in recent years. Suppose you need a genuine powerhouse boiler at a reasonable price. In that case, the Viessman Vitodens 111-W is a tough, high-capacity storage combi hybrid that can meet any modern home’s most challenging hot water demands without needing a separate hot water storage cylinder.

Grant VortexBlue Internal

The Grant VortexBlue Internal 36kW Combi Oil Boiler has a 94.5 per cent efficiency rating and a band rating of A. Keep in mind that the ErP (Energy-related Products) rating for water is grade B. The 36kW output rating is best suited to larger homes with multiple bathrooms. This combi oil boiler is also available in sizes 21kW and 26kW, though the efficiency rating is slightly lower.

Ideal Logic Max

Ideal’s more premium boiler is the Ideal Logic Max combi boiler range. It has all of the fantastic features and benefits of the Ideal Logic Plus range, plus some extras. The Ideal Logic Max is the pinnacle of their award-winning Ideal Logic Plus line. In addition, this boiler range includes an incredible 10-year parts and labour warranty as long as your warranty is registered within 30 days of installation. The Ideal Logic Max combi boiler range has kW outputs of 24kW, 30kW, and 35kW, making it ideal for small to medium-sized homes with moderate demand for central heating and instant hot water.

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