The Latest Technology To Help Boost Company Efficiency

Printing technology has undergone big changes in the recent past. Operators and printing houses are greatly advantaged with the introduction of Duplo DC 616 Pro, the reliable cutter creaser that is much helpful for multifunction finishing of the documents. The efficiency of any company goes greatly when it has this unique device that acts like a paper creaser, guillotine, card cutter or perforator in a single go. Owners of this device do not need to invest in different machines for these tasks. 

Why this device is so significant – Candidly, this unique machine is much helpful to boost the efficiency of the company to a great extent. Enriched with automatic cut, slit and crease in a single pass, this special device is able to process ten sheets each minute. Easy job setup and unique storage facility with PC controller software make this equipment the preferred choice of millions of printing houses across the globe. They are much pleased with the included CCD scanner that is able to read the registration marks and barcodes with great ease. The special 3.0” feed capacity and standard perforation unit along with the long paper tray are its other big advantages that are liked by the operators. 

Those wishing all-one-finishing solutions must try this device that is useful for short-run jobs too. On-demand printer related jobs are easily performed with this creaser/cutter/slitter that is able to accomplish the related tasks easily and rapidly. 

This special device is helpful in avoiding toner cracker on the digital colour documents and removing the white borders too. It is able to exhibit great automation and efficiency as regards post-process operations apart from fast changeovers too. Full-bleed applications including greeting cards, invitations, book covers, 24-up business cards, brochures and photos etc are also accomplished without the need of any extra brochures. The wonderful CCD scanner is able to recall the stored jobs with the help of barcodes. Ease of correcting the sheet-by-sheet image shifts is the unique benefit of this machine that helps in accurate finishing each time. The two manually adjustable units are much helpful apart from the sheet length. 

A fast accomplishment of the requisite task with this device has made it so popular amongst printing houses and the operators that find it so charming and useful. Easy job set up through the PC and CCD scanner incorporated in this device enhances its demand across the globe in a big way. Those needing to recall any job at later stages can do so with great when they have this machine with sufficient memory capacity in it. It is quite easy to read the registration marks and correct the sheet image shifts without any problem as regards this machine. Printing houses across the globe prefer installing Duplo DC 616 Pro that is enriched with the above unique features in it. 

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