What Are the Main Protection Aspects of Airport Car Parking

When you leave your car at the airport car parking lot, you must ensure the safety of your car by giving some beforehand consideration to the main protection aspects linked to the airport parking facility. A little forethought to such aspects can go a long way in helping you make sure that your car is parked at a safe and secure parking area when you leave it with an airport parking service.

Key aspects to keep in mind: So far as the security of your car at airport parking is concerned, the most basic aspects you need to bear in mind include the protection-linked facilities offered at a car park. You must make sure that you park your car at a secure place to minimize damage risk; and also check out services being offered airport parking, like the security patrolling at the car park; the provision of CCTV cameras; barriers for entry as well as exit; and appropriate fencing and lighting of the parking area.

It is essential that, as far as possible, you should select a car park which has Park Mark status, which proves that the car park holds a national security award that has received due accreditation from the Association of Chief Police Officers. Most of the quality car park operators at leading airports, like the Heathrow airport, hold Park Mark; and are regularly inspected for protection aspects like satisfactory surveillance; adequate lighting; signage as well as periphery protection by police.

Along with considering these protection aspects, there is no harm in taking some extra safety measures such as clicking the pictures of your car before leaving it at airport parking; and removing all the valuable items.

Legal rights in case of damage or theft: The protection aspects of airport parking also involve the requisite awareness about your rights in case your car gets damaged or stolen when left with airport parking services. While the car park operators’ liability in ensuring that your car remains protected largely depends on the terms and conditions of the contract you sign with them, you do have some protection under the law if there is any breach towards that end.

For instance, if the operator tries to convince you that your car was damaged or stolen even though it was parked in a secure area which was adequately-patrolled, but you may have doubts about such a claim, the Misrepresentation Act 1967 gives you certain legal rights in such a situation where the negligence of the operators may be at issue.

In fact, all your legal rights in matters related to some lapse on the part of car park operators at all airports, including the busiest Heathrow airport, have been spelled out in the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, which clearly states that the services provided at airport car parking ought to be carried out carefully and proficiently. The liability of the car park operators begins when they take your car in their control for parking, and spans over the entire period the car is parked with them, during which they have to provide ample protection of your car!

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