What Happens If You Don’t Remove Tree Roots?

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When it comes to tree removal, there is one aspect that is often overlooked: the roots. Failing to remove tree roots can have a wide range of consequences. Let’s explore some of those today, along with just a few of the benefits of hiring hiring the Essex tree surgeons to carry out professional stump and root removal.

Trip Hazards and Safety Concerns

One of the biggest risks of leaving tree roots in place is how they can become trip hazards. As roots continue to grow underground, they can protrude above the surface, leading to uneven terrain that poses a danger to anyone living in or visiting your property. If you’re a business owner, someone tripping and injuring themselves as a result of overgrown roots on your property could be costly – and damage your reputation.

Structural Damage

Beyond just posing a risk to human safety, neglected tree roots can also wreak havoc underground. As root systems grow in size as they search for water and nutrients, they can interfere with pipes, wiring, and even foundations! Over time, this can lead to issues that require costly repairs and compromise the integrity of a building. By calling on our team to remove tree roots promptly, you can save yourself plenty of money and stress in the long run!

Can Trees Grow Back If They Have Been Cut Down?

Yes, some trees can regenerate from their roots! If they are not completely removed during the tree removal process, they can sprout new growth, potentially leading to the reestablishment of a tree that you wanted to be rid of. However, this process is slow and uncertain, and can take many years and is not guaranteed for all species. Nevertheless, it can happen! That’s why specialist root removal is so important. With our help, you can maintain total control over your outdoor space.

The Role of Professional Tree Surgeons

Given all the complexities and risks associated with this kind of tree surgery, it’s vital that you call in the experts. We have years of experience when it comes to dealing with troublesome tree roots and will be able to bring the following to the table:

Specialist Techniques

Our tree surgeons use techniques such as stump grinding and root excavation to tackle roots effectively. We have a huge range of tools and materials to carry out our work with, and we have the skill and expertise to deploy these safely.

Health Assessment

In addition to removing roots, our tree surgeons will assess the health of the tree roots and identify any underlying issues, such as diseases or pests, that may require attention. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent any damage to surrounding trees and plants.

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