Cleaning On A Budget

You are quite aware that the healthy and non-toxic cleaners tent to a little too expensive. You probably have even decided not to dispose of all the other chemical-laden cleaners because their healthier alternative is too costly. We will help you to make your home shiny and sparkling, as well as healthy, and the same time save some money.

Why is it so important to get rid of all the toxic chemicals in your house? It’s simple really, because you care for your own health, the health of your family and loved ones of course non-toxic cleaners are ideal for the protection of your family and it guarantees that your home is a safe and healthy environment.

You can research tons and information concerning the countless variety of non-toxic cleaners, but what’s important is to make a effort to simplify our own lives, save some finance and stop endangering your own health.

It is possible to clean with just non-toxic products and at the same time save some money? The solution is to make your own cleaner. It’s straightforward and easy. All you need is to follow these recipes:

Distilled white vinegar
Washing soda
Baking soda
Tea Tree oil
Liquid vegetable soaps
Glass jars
Clean spray bottles

All of these products are available at your local supermarket, home improvement and hardware stores, health food stores.the homemade cleaning product will save about one-tenth of the price of the commercial product.
Don’t forget to label your homemade cleaning solution and keep them far away from children and pets.

Window cleaner
• Half a tablespoon castile liquid soap
• 2 cups of water
• 3 toublespoon vinegar
• One spray bottle

Put those ingredient into the spray bottle, mix it, and use just like commercial product. What is important here is the soap. It removes all waxresidue from the commercial brands.

• Water
• A cup of baking soda
• Liquid castile soap

Sprinkle some water on the bottom of the oven, and then make sure to cover the surface with enough baking soda. Again sprinkle some water on top. Let the mixture stay like this overnight. The grease can be easily wiped up the next morning because the grime will be more loosened. After cleaning the mess dap some castile liquid soap on a sponge and wash what is left from the residue.


• Half a teaspoon washing soda
• One teaspoon borax
• Half a spoon castile soap
• 2 tablespoons vinegar
• 2 cups extremely hot water
• One spray bottle

Mix the washing soda, borax, liquid castile soap, vinegar and put the mixture in the spray bottle. Add the hot water, shake the bottle until all minerals are dissolved. Spray onto the ard which needs cleaning, after which wipe with a rag, or sponge.

Spray for disinfection
• ¼ cup of white vinegar
• 2 cups of water
• ¼ teaspoon lavender oil
• ¼ teaspoon tea tree oil
Mix the ingredients and store the mixture in a spray bottle. Occasionally shake. Use anywhere you need to disinfect.

Experience and professional cleaning with Mel Cleaning

Our cleaning services are upbuild mainly of the referrals of our clients. We seek to accomplish perfection with the usage of reliable and efficient cleaning services and cleaners.

Mel Cleaning will provide you with the best domestic cleaning services for all of your required needs. If your home is a bit messy due to the lack of time on your part to do some home domestic cleaning, there is no need to panic! Your home will be healthy and sparkling in no time.

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