Outstanding Features Of The Brand New 2014 Bmw M3 And M4

If you want to know all about brand new 2014 BMW M3 and M4, you should know that both the BMW M3 and 4 series are almost similar. Just BMW 3 series comes up with four doors whereas 4-series provides only two. However, both the BMW M3 and M4 shed weight compared to their ancestors and provide more speed, produce better fuel ratings and give you the benefit of having brand new twin-turbocharged inline 6 by replacing the V-8 motors. However, if you are planning to buy any of BMW M3 and M4 series, you should know all the features and specifications of them to opt for the right one.

Features and Specifications of BMW M3 and M4

If you are having doubt about replacing the V-8 motors with turbo engines, you should know that modern age depends upon fuel efficiency ratings. Therefore, smaller engines with turbo technology are becoming more common.


BMW M4 is actually the new improved model of the iconic fifth generation BMW M3 coupe. This series are featured with high performance engine and chassis. Moreover, the manufacturer is planning to launch the convertible version too.


The aim of the manufacturing company of BMW is to prove that BMW M3 or M4 series are lighter, faster, meaner, and purer than any other competitors of recent times. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to keep the M3 moniker in the sedan model.


You should know that the features and specifications of BMW M3 and M4 are based on current F303 series. These models are designed with rear wheel drive platform mounting the engine far back. However, you will not get the all-wheel drive option, which is quite popular in F30 series. Therefore, all the M models will come up with wider front and rear track, performance wheels and towers. Moreover, you will get the carbon fiber components on the body and chassis. However, you can also expect to have carbon fiber roof panel without sunroof options, total weight is slightly lower than the previous M3 model.

Powerful Technologies

As the new enhanced BMW M3 and M4 series will abandon the 4.0 liter V-8 motors, it will boost up the power of engine with 3.0-liter inline six that is force fed by two turbochargers for producing at least 450hp. The power technology arranged in such a way that it will go through six-speed manual or seven speed wet dual-clutch transmission for channeling with rear wheels. Therefore, you can get the opportunity of having top speed of 155mph. However, you might need an optional lofty electronic ceiling perhaps set at 174mph.


There is nothing wrong in the features and specifications of BMW M3 and M4. However, you just need to be careful about retractable hard-top that can be a nightmare if you are a purist type of person.

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