Don’t Lose Business – Outsource To A Telephone Answering Service

A telephone answering service is the best way for a company to gather messages left by clients. But what about those times when all lines are busy and a message can’t be taken, for whatever reason? The company may miss out on an important call or incredible business opportunity. This is where a call handling company and its services can save a business both time and money, ensuring that opportunities are never lost.

Call Angels are just such a service and can help a client out through their virtual office services, 24 hours a day if required. Research suggests that approximately 85% of calls are missed by a company for one reason or another. Call Angels are a reliable service that is able to pick up calls should a company’s telephonists be too busy to answer a call and can also employ an evening service upon request.

As a telephone answering service, Call Angels is able to redirect calls from busy lines to their expert call center professionals, whether a company’s lines are busy, whether the call is out of hours or whether the intended recipient is away from their desk. Call Angels are able to take a message from the caller and can collect a variety of information, such as processing credit card orders or handling appointments and meetings.

Call Angels are also able to handle telephone calls in case of sickness or if the client needs to utilize a call center service during their holiday leave. Call Angels’ service is entirely flexible and gives the client complete control over how they want their services performed. Think of them as virtual PAs who are there to gather those calls that may go unanswered, exercising a degree of professionalism that isn’t touched upon by other companies and services.

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