Explore The Future Of Google Search

A leading search engine optimization services company is exploring the future possibilities and habits of searching through Google after one of the search giant’s chief engineers revealed the progress the company is making in a recent online interview.

Amit Singhal, Google software engineer and Head of the core ranking team, was recently quoted as saying that image and video content is playing an increasingly relevant role in search engine optimization, and also commented on the evolution of more social measures for users.

Believe that Google is continuing to work on the functions of their Google ID feature, whereby, amongst other things, users can sync their Google account with their Twitter account. This can affect their searches on Google – whenever a user searches for something on Google then relevant social media posts may appear from people they follow amongst the gathered search results.

“There are always new developments in SEO, which is one of the things that makes this industry so exciting to be part of.” comments a spokesperson for

“From this latest Google interview, it seems that the future is expected to be ever more rooted in social media and increasing forms of different online content. Google seems to have taken notice of people’s power and just how broad the social media spectrum is. By including personalized Twitter posts in search results, users can enjoy a broader range of options to explore which are tailored to their interests. The knock-on impact this will have on the SEO industry isn’t yet known, but we’re looking forward to finding out”

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