Get More Links With Better Emails

Link building can be one of the toughest, most time-consuming areas of your SEO marketing plan. For many businesses, the answer to link building is to throw more effort into it. What if there was an easier way? Well, there is. A major problem in link building is turning leads into links. With some careful thought given to your link lead email, you can improve your chances.


Start with the subject line. Bad subject lines are like bad titles. They put people off reading. Unlike titles, though, subject lines need to be straightforward. Don’t try to be catchy. Just summarise your request in one sentence.

It’s worth investing time in your subject line text, or even getting a writer from your search engine optimization services company to help. You can talk to us at about help with link building.


Personalise. A form letter won’t work for high-quality link building. If you’ve done your research on a link target, use it. Use names and refer to specific reasons for wanting a link.


Short is sweet. No one has time to read an essay. While it’s important not to be too brief, try to keep your request down to a couple of paragraphs.


When in doubt, test. It’s unwise to try all of your link leads at once, not least because a big influx of links can look bad to the search engines. Test your emails on a few leads in each category, then tweak for better results.

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