Seven Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Conversion rates may not be the focus of SEO, but they should be a focus of your business. If you haven’t started looking at your conversion rate during your SEO marketing plan, it’s time to start.

1)  Know what each step needs to achieve. The first step in conversion path optimisation is knowing your path well, and knowing what you want your customers to do every step of the way.

2) Focus on reviews. If reviews aren’t the start of your conversion funnel, they certainly factor in somewhere along the way, so court positive reviews.

3) Sweeten the deal. If you’ve noticed a dip in conversions, add in some value. This method has led to the ubiquitous ‘Would you like fries with that?’ in the fast food industry because it works.

4) Don’t miss an opportunity to sell the product. Few products sell themselves. Your product information may be attractive, but it’s better if you provide support in the form of press clippings and review quotes.

5) Test everything. Tests are an essential part of any area of SEO services, and you can talk to us at about this. Conversion paths can be complicated, and it’s difficult to track down areas that aren’t working. A/B testing allows you to find the holes in your conversion funnel.

6) Ask customers what’s going wrong. Hard data isn’t going to tell you everything. A simple, quick survey triggered by a customer leaving the conversion path can give you valuable information.

7) Analyse and start again. No conversion path is perfect. Keep an eye on what customers are doing.

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