How to Turn A House Into A Home

Although it may seem like mere semantics to some, there is actually a world of difference between a house and a home. Indeed, it can easily be the case that a property is nothing more than a functional shell if it isn’t able to engender any kind of emotional attachment amongst the people who live within it.

Needless to say, there are plenty of things residents can do to turn a utilitarian property into the warm, comfortable and homely household. Hanging personalised canvas prints on walls is always a good start as having images of treasured memories and loved ones can help to make the rooms in any house feel a lot more intimate. Adding a lick of paint, either on one wall of a room or on all four, can also be beneficial in this respect as it can break up a seemingly monotonous décor and/or help to generate ‘warmth’ (if suitably warm colours are used).

However, it is fair to say there is one option which perhaps stands head and shoulders above all others when it comes to making a house feel like a home – installing a dream kitchen.

The reasoning behind this is that the kitchen is often described as being the engine room of the home. And as any engineer will tell you, the engine is where you go first when you’re looking to make significant changes in order to generate wide and lasting results.

Whilst deciding to refurbish a kitchen is often seen as being a bold and invigorating decision to make, it is in fact just a small step on a much longer journey. Most people find this out almost immediately as once the decision to refurbish is set in stone, it is soon replaced by a plethora of subsequent concerns, such as ‘how much will it cost?’, ‘how much is too much?’, and ‘what type of kitchen is best?’

Whilst concerns about cost will of course vary with each individual household’s own financial circumstances, the query of ‘what type of kitchen is best?’ is perhaps easier to address than most people might think.

Although questions surrounding a ‘best’ style of kitchen (or indeed anything) are largely subjective, it cannot be denied that real wood kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years. Whilst what is popular doesn’t necessarily equate with what is best, it is indicative of the fact many more people are now choosing kitchen carcasses, units and worktops made from wood than similar products made from other materials

So why is this?

Well, along with the fact it is incredibly strong and durable, solid wood has a natural beauty and homey splendour which no other material can come close to emulating. Without a doubt, domestic engine rooms fitted with solid wood kitchen units, cabinets, plinths and doors are able to engender a feeling of warmth and homeliness which really is unrivalled.

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