Top Tips On How To Present Your Home For Sale In The Winter

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It is generally accepted that spring and summer are the best times of year to sell your home, when the plants are in full bloom, gardens are looking their best and the warm sunny days show the house in its best light. However, just because winter tends to be colder and darker, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve a successful sale.

We spoke to some experienced estate agents in Chelmsford who gave us some insight into their top tips for how to make your property more inviting and stand out from the crowd at this time of year.

Get the temperature right

With the cost of heating being extremely high at the moment, you might like to keep your thermostat set a little cooler than is ideal. If you have viewings booked in, be sure to turn it up to a comfortable 21-23 degrees so that buyers are welcomed into the home with warmth as this will make them feel much more positive about the property than if it feels cold.

Maximise lighting

You want your home to look as bright and airy as possible which can be difficult if it is dull or even dark outside. Be sure to keep curtains open during the daytime to allow in natural light and use warm lighting, lamps, external lights and candles to brighten rooms and create an inviting space.

Make the most of the season

Why not use the winter weather to your advantage and style your house for the season.

  • Switch out or add deep coloured and heavier fabric throws, blankets, rugs and cushions.
  • Place lanterns or pillar candles on focal points such as coffee tables or sideboards.
  • Use artificial foliage and flowers in reds, greens, golds and whites.
  • Pumpkin spice, cinnamon and orange are welcoming scents that can be used in candles or wax melts to fill the home with welcoming smells.

Exterior maintenance

Just because its winter doesn’t mean you should neglect the outside of your house, especially if you are trying to appeal to buyers. Ensure that you keep on top of it all by mowing the lawn, raking leaves, clearing paths and trimming plants and hedges. Make sure that there are no ‘typical winter issues’ that buyers look for such as blocked drain pipes and ensure the windows are clean. You can also invest in some evergreen plants that will make the garden and outside space look great and put them in stylish pots or wooden planters so you can move them around.

Festive decor

If it’s coming up to December and you’re wondering if you should put up your Christmas decorations then the answer is yes. People want to be able to walk into a property and picture themselves living there and what better picture to paint for them then having Christmas with their family. Be sure to keep things tasteful and not too overpowering so that it doesn’t detract from the natural space or make the rooms feel smaller.

Keep it clean

This is applicable all year round but is harder to do in the winter with people tracking in mud, leaves and dirt. Try to stay on top of cleaning by ensuring all floors are hoovered and mopped before viewing and that there are welcome mats for people to dry their shoes on as they enter. If your carpets are looking a little grubby then it could definitely be worth getting them professionally cleaned to bring them back to life.

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