Is My Property At Risk Of Damage To Plumbing Services This Winter?


With the cost of living at a seemingly all-time high, and with bills increasing while the temperature continues to drop, finding ways of managing outgoings and avoiding emergency bills is a priority for households across London and beyond.

As an experienced drainage company in London, we understand how important it is for homeowners to recognise the early signs of faults with their plumbing and drains. This blog will share some tips on spotting potential issues and dealing with them in a quick cost-effective way.

How To Spot A Potential Problem With Your Drainage System

The drains within a property or house are made up of a complex network of pipes – and if one component stops working, the damage can quickly become catastrophic (and expensive to fix).

Knowing the early signs of a drainage problem is key to ensuring any issues are dealt with efficiently, with these signs including:

  • Unpleasant smells around your drains and sinks
  • Slow-draining plugholes
  • Stagnant water pooled around a known drainage site on your property
  • Gurgling sounds

Problems can be caused by anything from manmade blockages to more serious damage to the pipes themselves – with our team able to conduct early intervention surveys which identify the problem and best solution.

Tips For Drain Maintenance At-Home

Prevention is always better than a cure, and will save you money in the long run – so why are homeowners not doing more to protect and maintain their drainage system?

Generally, the short answer to this is a lack of understanding and education around the importance of drain maintenance.

Our drain maintenance and cleaning services work to regularly test the quality of your pipes and flush out any pending blockages – leaving the waterways clear and ensuring that issues are dealt with before they expand and become full-blown problems.

Other tips for homeowners to note and follow as part of their daily routines include:

  • Only flushing toilet paper down the toilet – throwing wet wipes and sanitary products in designated bins
  • Scooping cooking fat and other food products out of pans before washing them, to prevent these products from forming blockages further down into the drainage system
  • Flush your plug holes with hot water on a regular basis to help unstick and break down any building blockages and issues

Don’t let your drains become another problem to add to the growing list of outgoings and expenses this Winter. For more information on drain maintenance and to book your maintenance check and cleaning service today, get in touch.

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