The Importance of First Impression while Selling

When selling a property, there are few things which matter more than the first impression of any potential buyers. If they like what they see from the outside of a home, they’re more likely to buy into the contents of the interior.

In searching for the many elements which make up a good first impression, interior design experts have compiled numerous lists of what buyers will be looking at as they view a home:


Often neglected but always noticed, the pathways going up to a home and those which wind through the garden are a good indication of the general care of the home. They should be un-cracked, free from weeds and level with no sign of wobbling.


Whilst there is no suggestion that grass should be cut to a certain measurement, any lawn area should be well cared for and should look healthy.


Whilst not all front yards have flower borders, the importance of Fort Worth flowerbed maintenance should never be underestimated. Borders should be free of weeds, neat and well maintained with healthy plants.


These should be clean, free of debris and should all be fitted properly. Sagging guttering can be a sign of heavy blockage but in addition looks messy and unappealing.

The Roof

Missing tiles or ones which have slid not only look unappealing but also point to potential problems inside the roof and the structure of the home


The front door and the garage door should be well cared for, free of dirt and blemishes and should work perfectly.

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