Website Optimization and an Enduring Dilemma

Optimization is never easy. The search world is in perpetual motion and tactics have to be adapted in accordance with this. Equally, each site demands its own distinctive recipe of solutions. However, there are some dilemmas which endure for protracted periods of time and can apply to a diversity of campaigns. One of these is sustaining a balance between fact and comment in SEO updates.

At,k we recognize that the manufacture of high grade content is central to effective optimization. News is frequently effective in this area. Users are often interested in sector-relevant news, but it has to be constructed in a proper fashion.

News has to tell a story. Information has to be fed to the reader in a familiar way for them to be made comfortable. Similar to the way genre fiction often works. If a crime is left unsolved in a detective novel, some readers will leave a story dissatisfied, unhappy that order has not been restored through the detection and punishment of the offender.

News has to contain sufficient facts for a user to take it seriously. If a piece is thin on fact, the user will feel that it is too abstract. Users have definite ideas about what constitutes news, just as some readers of detective stories have expectations of their reading material before they engage with it.

However, if an article lacks comment, the data will seem flat and uninteresting. Without insightful comment, news articles become like a series of detective stories without enough colour or characterisation to be rewarding to readers.

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