Is Your Twitter Profile a Link Builder?

Not all Twitter profiles are equal. It only takes a quick look around Twitter to see it’s true. If your profile isn’t as attractive as your tweeting competitors, it’s time to get your Twitter profile ready to network and build links.

Let’s start with your profile links. Links within your profile may not provide direct link juice for your site, but they are still important for your search engine optimisation campaign. They are referenced all over the net, provide direct clicks, and can be lifted by other sites. Choose your two most relevant pages and include a link in both the website and bio fields.

You should also smarten up your profile. Look at your:

Bio – you have very little room in your bio, particularly after you’ve included a link. Make sure your bio reflects your personality as well as providing a description. Analyse the bios you enjoy reading on Twitter for some tips

• Profile Picture – your profile picture helps to establish you as a person. If you’ve got a grainy picture shot from your mobile phone at a party, think about the message you’re sending to your industry. This picture may be featured on other sites as well, if your tweet is forwarded, so may become the face of your campaign across the net

Your Twitter campaign should be generating leads for your SEO, and you can discuss this with us at SEO Consult Australia. If your profile isn’t up to scratch, it won’t be working behind the scenes, making connections for you to use in link building and SEO.

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