What To Consider Before Taking An IPAF Operator Training Course

Searching for the IPAF courses London delegates love? Here’s what you can expect from your course, and what you should be looking out for in a course provider.

Who Is An IPAF Course For?

First things first, who is an IPAF course for? Well, these courses are suitable for a number of construction industry professionals – such as operators, service technicians, delivery drivers, managers/supervisors, demonstrators, installers and instructors. IPAF are one of the largest providers of health and safety courses in the world, and an IPAF qualification is globally recognised.

What Does A Course Include?

So what does an IPAF course involve? Well, the course content will vary depending on what field you are specialising in, but you can expect the following to be covered:

  • Pre-theory test
  • Current and relevant legislation
  • MEWP categories explained
  • Pre-inspection requirements
  • Safe operating practices
  • Observations of hazards
  • Written theory test
  • Practical training session

An IPAF course is very comprehensive and will equip you with all the health and safety knowledge you need to carry out your role safely. This is why they are so highly respected by a wide range of employers.

What Do You Want To Gain From The Course?

What are you looking to gain from the course? Some people take a course because it’s a requirement of their job and it will give them the skills they need to ensure that themselves and their colleagues remain safe in the workplace. Others want to get ahead and take a course in their own time, so when the right career opportunity presents itself, they are ready to leap straight into that role. For others, an IPAF course is a chance to refresh their existing knowledge and ensure that they are fully aware of all current health and safety regulations.

When Will You Study?

Next, you should think about how much time you have at your disposal. Are you able to take time out from your job and complete a course during working hours? Many bosses are fine with this, and often arrange for their team members to attend an IPAF course because they know how many benefits it will provide in the long run. However, evening and weekend tuition is available for those who need it – so there should be no barrier to you being able to learn!

Where Should You Learn?

Where should you learn? Well, it’s really important to find a trusted provider of IPAF courses in your local area. There are lots of training centres across London, but you will want to be sure that you will be learning from experienced tutors and have access to first-class study materials before you go ahead and book your place. Harrington Safety are one such training centre.

Book A Place Today

Now that you know what you can expect from the IPAF courses London delegates recommend, it’s time to book your place. Gaining your qualification will open up so many doors, no matter what route you are planning to take with your career. Your colleagues will certainly thank you too!

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