How To Upgrade Your Kitchen In Modern Look


Kitchens are the heart of a home, and upgrading your kitchen to a modern look can be an exciting and rewarding experience. However, upgrading a kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, as there are many simple ways to do it. This post will teach you how to quickly enhance your kitchen in a modern style that adds value and function to your home.

Pick a Color Palette

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen to a modern look, one of the first things you should do is pick a colour palette. When selecting colours, looking at some design inspiration on Pinterest or home decor magazines is an excellent place to start. This way, you’ll know what colours go well together. When choosing your colour scheme, consider using neutral shades such as white, black or grey as your base colour. 

Make Use of Natural Light

One way to use natural light is by installing oversized windows or skylights in your kitchen. This will allow more sunlight to enter the room during the day, filling it with warmth and brightness. Another option is to replace solid cabinet doors with glass ones that let in more light.

Add Open Shelving

Consider adding open shelving to upgrade your kitchen’s aesthetic and functionality. Before installing open shelves in your kitchen, it’s essential to declutter and organise your current cabinets. This process will make room for new items and help you identify what you need on display. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, carefully measure the space where you want the shelves installed. Then, you can select from various materials, such as wood, metal, or glass, according to your preferences.

Update Appliances

One way of modernising your kitchen is to update the appliances. Firstly, consider upgrading your refrigerator. This appliance is the centrepiece of any kitchen; upgrading to a new model can make all the difference in functionality and aesthetics.

Another appliance worth considering is a new range or cooktop. The latest models come equipped with advanced features such as touch controls, intelligent connectivity, and induction technology that heats pots and pans quickly while keeping surfaces cool to the touch.

Refresh Countertops

Firstly, consider the material of the countertop. Granite is famous for its durability and natural beauty, while quartz offers easy maintenance and endless customisation options. Bamboo or recycled glass may be worth exploring if you want something more eco-friendly. Consider your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen when making this decision. 

Incorporate Textures

Textures can add depth, dimension, and visual interest to your space while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Firstly, consider adding textured backsplash tiles or wallpaper. Additionally, consider adding texture with cabinetry by selecting doors with grooves or patterns. This will break up the monotony of plain cabinet doors and add an unexpected design element.

Another way to incorporate texture into your kitchen is through natural materials such as wood or stone. You can also add potted plants with varying textures for a touch of greenery and an organic feel.


Upgrading your kitchen to a modern look does not have to be expensive. With some strategic planning and following the tips above, you can create a beautiful, inviting space to make your home stand out.

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